Ron Lyons prefers to create images that have not been dramatically edited to make his subjects look like something they really aren't. In fact, he is known for saying that one thing modern photography is missing is authenticity. Does that mean that Ron doesn't ever edit his images? Not at all. He routinely converts his images to "silver-tone" or black and white, he color balances, etc. However, he doesn't believe in editing out the elements of a photo that make them more true to life. For example, in Ron's images you may see power lines, people and other things that many photographers would remove. To Ron, leaving these elements in his images makes them much more realistic and brings a true sense of country "small town America" into your home or office.

Another part of Ron's artwork that makes it unique is that he only has his prints created on Chromaluxe High Definition Metal with dye sublimation and only in three sizes. Ron's prints are only available in North America and shipping is always free. 

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