Celina, Texas Football Stadium

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In Celina, Texas, high school football is king. It's what pulls the community together every Friday night during the season and it's the thing that local legends are made of. In this image, I wanted to capture that "intentionalism" that small towns put on football. In Celina, the stadium looks like a smaller version of something you would see a professional NFL team play in. I love that about Celina and all of the tradition and history of Celina football that goes along with it.

Perhaps you can remember going to your own high school football games on Friday nights, going to pep rallies, wearing ribbons and enjoying the pride of having a winning game. Maybe you have memories of a boy or girlfriend, best friends, the music, food, the band... High school football stadiums tend to bring back memories like that.

I shot this image on a day when the clouds had lined up in a very geometric way, highlighting the lines and the grandeur of the Celina High school football stadium. No doubt that in the future there will be additional dates added to the facade of the stadium and no doubt that future legends will be made here. 

I hope that you like this silver tone image of the Celina, Texas high school football stadium as much as I do and I hope it brings back really great memories for you.