Celina Texas Building Columns

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The downtown "square" in Celina, Texas is the counterpoint of town. As in times past, it's the central location where people get together to meet, eat and have fun. Part of the downtown feel is the architecture you see there. The large columns and grand presence of this building. Located at 112 N. Colorado, the building was first known as the First United Methodist Church but now serves as an annex building for the City of Celina local government. 

The thing I found most interesting about this building is it's age. You would think that it is likely an early 20th century example that has withstood the test of time, but, the truth is, it was built in 1987. In an odd way, this is a building younger than me yet made to look older than me. With such an interesting existence and way of toying with time itself, I knew that I had to capture it in a very nostalgic way.

As you know, I don't edit images to make subjects look more or less than what they actually are today. To me, the truth of an image is in how you see it with every detail, right now, good or bad. For me, that makes the image "real." I hope that you can enjoy the twist of time and reality of this gorgeous building in downtown Celina, Texas. It truly is beautiful and interesting.