Celina Texas Caterpillar Road Machines

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Recently, I was driving some of the backroads in Celina, Texas looking for land, ranches and small farms that their owners may want to sell. Since I'm always helping people leave the city and discover the country, it's a normal part of my day. On this particular tour through the country, I came across these Caterpillar brand road machines lined up, ready for the next days work. The moment I saw them I experienced one of those realizations that make you pause and ponder.

You see, these machines represent the literal "road building" that will bring so many people to the homes where they will realize their dreams. It sounds so cliche but the truth is, these machines will actually build the roads that lead to the homes that so many have dreamt about for most of their life. The fact that they stand so silently, so ready to work, yet under-appreciated for what they provide just reinforced my desire to capture the reality they represent.

Celina, Texas is growing. I think this image represents a part of that growth that is largely ignored. I see silent strength, power and even obedience. I hope you love it as much as I do.