Celina Texas Sunflowers

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One of my favorite things to ask is "what are you missing?" When I say this, or, I suppose "ask" it, I mean, what is around you that you never slow down to take a look at? What do you know is there, but rarely, if ever, take in the beauty of? I try to never let this happen. In this case, sunflowers decided to join the gate at the entrance to this property. Certainly, sunflowers grow everywhere in the country during the summer, but these decided to grow in a way that greets visitors at the entrance. 

Many people have driven through these particular gates but probably very few have slowed down to admire these sunflowers. On this day, I did. They didn't demand that I look at them, sunflowers aren't like that; rather, they offered their beauty day after day until I decided to stop and appreciate them.

What are you missing? I hope that the image of these little sunflowers help you remember the small things that are all around us that go unappreciated and unnoticed.