Celina Texas Sunset

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There is quite the dichotomy between city living and country life that has never been more clear than in a sunset. In Celina, Texas, the sunsets can be breathtaking. In the city, especially the concrete jungle with all of it's air pollution, people go for months without ever seeing a sunset.

One day, after doing evening chores at the ranch, I rested on a fence and watched the sunset. There wasn't a single tall building blocking my view, no smog in the air, nothing. But, there was color! Vivid, orange resting on a peaceful green pasture. The part that you can't get from a photo is the freshness of the air and the sounds of a typical country evening.

I move many families from the city to the country, and this is one of the reasons. These families seek the things the city can't offer. It's truly magical and worth the effort. I hope that this moment in time helps you remember that there is more than concrete and stress out there. There is life, country life. Peace, fresh air and sounds that compete with each other to get a greater "wow" from you. I say it often and I hope this gives you a bit of that.