Celina Texas Tender Smokehouse Restaurant

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In small towns, restaurants can become legendary. This is certainly true with Tender Smokehouse in Celina, Texas. Located just off the square in Celina, Tender Smokehouse is everything you would expect from a local barbecue restaurant. Lots of wood finish out, a great hometown feel, and of course, some of the best barbecue you've ever tasted! In fact, Tender was ranked the second best place top eat in the country by users of Yelp! 

On this particular day, I wanted a candid shot of the inside of Tender Smokehouse, not staged, not planned, just a moment in time of a real, honest to God small-town legend. But, being that the restaurant is so crowded, getting that shot was nearly impossible. I waited nearly an hour by casually walking around, letting my daughter play games and of course, eating. Finally, the moment arrived. There was one of those moments that rarely happen at Tender. The front area was clear of diners. Two employees were in a frantic moment of catching up and I was quick on the camera snapping the candid image you see here. 

If you visit Celina, or better yet, decide to move here, I'll do two things: I'll help you find that perfect home in Celina and I'll take you to lunch at Tender Smokehouse.

I love some good barbecue and in my opinion, Tender Smokehouse is the best, bar none. I hope you will love this image and their food as much as I do.