Celina Texas Tractor By A Fence

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In Celina, Texas, like many other small towns, part of the joy of country life is taking care of the land. For me, getting up super early to beat the heat, firing up the mower and getting alone while I work is one of the joys of this small town country life. 

In this image, I was out mowing the middle acreage that I call "no man's land" just on the other side of our small lake.  I had stopped for a moment to drink a bottle of water. As I sat there, I realized that the view across my steering wheel was just perfect for showing the "aloneness" and separation from life that working on your land can provide. These are some of the moments that I live for. I hope that you can connect with a bit of my experience through this print. Breathe in the smell of fresh cut grass, take in sound of wind blowing across the lake and notice the lack of noise and stress. That is what this print represents, unedited and straight off the Three Strands Ranch in Celina, Texas.