Celina Texas Vintage Tractor Machine

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I don't do staged photos. However, this vintage tractor and machine showed up on a cold, winter day in Celina, Texas, almost as if it were staged. On that day, I became lost as I drove around the backroads for one reason or another. Soon, I topped a hill and there they sat. I knew that I had to stop and grab a photo (or fifty) of them. 

As familiar with seeing tractors and farm equipment as I am, I still get a sense of wonderment when I see something like this. It reminds me of my childhood and my fascination with machinery. Granted, it was super cold and overcast, but that didn't matter. I was very happy to stop along the side of this road in the middle of nowhere and take the photos.

I hope that you can appreciate this image as much as I do. Aged, weathered and full of history. Not staged, but still, very proudly sitting there waiting for someone like me to come by and appreciate it.