Celina Texas Weathered Tree

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Trees have the unique ability to spark the imagination into conjuring up stories and fantasies from the the deepest realms of your dreams. This tree in Celina, Texas seems to have the ability to do just that. Just ask anyone that lives around her what they think of her and you are likely to get a myriad of interesting ideas of how they see her.

The cool thing about this tree is that she's not out on the old west prairie or out in front of an old frame house, but rather she stands guard over a county road in Celina. Maybe in a big city she would have been cut down, even seen as a nuisance, but not in the country. Perhaps it's because there isn't enough budget to go around removing old trees like her, or, maybe it's because country people appreciate trees like this more than city people would.

For me, it's all about appreciation. In fact, I will be sad when she isn't standing at this corner anymore. My hopes are that she stands for a long, long time. For now, I get to see her daily and even use her as a landmark to help people get to the ranch.

I hope you can appreciate this old tree as much as I do.