Celina Water Tower

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One thing stands taller than anything else in Celina, Texas and that's the water tower located close to the train tracks and the downtown square. Though it's been through updates and makeovers throughout the years, the water tower still stands reminding us of days when the community was much smaller and times were much simpler.

On the day I took this picture, the sky was clear but there were cars and people in the area around the tower. After being patient for some time, I was able to grab this silver tone image of the Celina, Texas water tower. And as a side note, it would be easy for me to edit out the power lines and other elements in the image, and some people have, but to me, that takes away from the small town reality that the water tower represents.

I hope you like this image of the Celina water tower in all of it's real, unapologetic existence as much as I do.